Tuna Reservations


Welcome to Party Boat NJ's 2018 season! Here you make NJ Tuna Fishing reservations.

Kraken providing open boat Canyon Tuna Trip for 2019

Capt John Decker's extensive knowledge and long time experience piloting vessels to the offshore Canyon's gives you the edge!

In the event the increasing fuel prices cause us to increase rates, the rate at the time of your booking will be honored.

Step 1 - Read Important Notices & Policies

Click Important policies and read this before making a reservation.

Step 2 - Make A Tuna Reservation

To make a tuna reservation, call(732)899-3766 or send an e-mail to info@njqueenmary.com


Weather Cancellation Policy

In the event the Captain cancels a trip due to adverse weather conditions (to be determined only by the Captain), passengers have the option of rescheduling or a full refund. Make certain your work schedule allows you the time before reserving your spot. Under no circumstances is a refund given for any last minute conflicts of yours. Unlike the airlines, we do not overbook the boat. When you sail with the Sea Devil be assured that we hold to a maximum of 18 fishermen.

The Law

  • NO DRUGS allowed. This is Coast Guard regulation. Fishing outside the 3-mile limit does not change the law on controlled substances.
  • No intoxication is tolerated. Before setting sail, any passenger found to be unruly because of alcohol consumption, will not be allowed to board and will forfeit his spot. (No refund will be given.) A 23-hour tuna trip is no place for a drunken fisherman. If you have reserved a group, make sure everyone booked reads and understands this.
  • For your safety, the Captain reserves the right to terminate the trip at any time due to intolerable conduct or intoxication. (Charters note)

If you have any questions about appropriate and/or permissible gear, please do not hesitate to call and ask, rather than spend money on something that will not work. BOOTS & SLICKERS A MUST! MONOFILAMENT LINE ONLY!! NO SPIDERWIRE OR OTHER MULTI-FILAMENT LINE ALLOWED ON BOARD.