Rod & Reel Rentals/Sales

The crew of the Queen Mary takes pride in handing our customers a quality rod & reel combination.

RENTAL rod & reel combinations offered aboard the Queen Mary are setups all of our crew would be proud to use and own.

Conventional or Open Face RENTAL reels are matched with custom made Versitex rods matched with a Penn Jigmaster High Speed reel perfect for jigging or bait fishing Striped Bass and Bluefish. [ Left Handed Reels are available! ]


The Queen Mary was the FIRST and one of the few to offer SPINNING ROD & REEL COMBOS FOR RENT.

These top quality Fin Nor OFS 4500 - 6500 reels matched with a custom Versitex rod made especially for the Queen Mary, would retail for over $300.

Spinners are easier for most people to use, especially when jigging for Stripers and Blues. The casual or novice fisherman is usually familiar with a spinning reel. The ability to cast and retrieve lures & bait comes easily for most. The higher speed retrieve vs the conventional gives the angler an advantage to hook up a speedy gamefish.

FIN NOR OFS Spinning Reel