Offshore Fishing Necessities

  1. Plenty of food and beverages. We provide a microwave oven and refrigerator, but do not sell any food or drinks.
  2. A blanket or sleeping bag, and pillow. All bunks have cloth covered cushions, but we keep the bunk room cool to maintain comfort for all. The bunk room is heated when the weather is extremely cold and air conditioned when the weather is hot. It must be kept clean and dry.
  3. Boots and slickers or some type of raingear. (The hose is constantly running to keep the deck clean.)
  4. Appropriate clothing. Layers work, as it is often much cooler when the sun is down. Foul weather gear, if you have it. A change of clothes for the bunk room. Only dry clothes, NO foul weather gear, NO wet socks or footwear, no wet clothing ever is allowed in the bunk room. Boots and slickers work to keep you dry. The hose will be running to keep the deck clean, you may get wet.
  5. Sun Protection. Lotion with an appropriate SPF for your skin type, hat, sun glasses or sun visors.
  6. Check with your doctor if you feel you have a tendency for sea sickness. Different things work for different people. If your doctor suggests a "drug" please take it up to two hours before departure to achieve its maximum effectiveness.
  7. A camera, if you like. Should you take pictures with a digital camera and e-mail them along to us, Cindy will be happy to publish one or more on our web site.
  8. NO SPIDERWIRE OR OTHER MULTI-FILAMENT LINE ALLOWED ON BOARD. Harnesses are frowned upon. If necessary we can provide and help you to use a gimble belt. If you have any questions about appropriate and/or permissible gear, please do not hesitate to call, 732 701-1094, and ask, rather than spending money on something that will not work.
  9. For $15 you may rent a rod from us. All bait and tackle is included with this. We use Penn 6/0 rods with the appropriate pound test line for the fish that we have been catching.

Read the Important notices and policies regarding making a tuna reservation.