New Jersey Blue Fishing

A day aboard Party Boat NJ, blue fishing

Party Boat NJ sails for blue fish for the thrill and excitement of the catch! Sure, many people like to go bottom fishing for the good tasting fluke or sea bass, but nothing beats the battle of the blue fish!

When the blue fish is hooked it fights like few other species of fish. The challenge and excitement of getting that fish on the boat, once it is hooked, is an experience that one does not want to miss. As one New Jersey Blue Fishing customer proclaimed, "A trip for blue fish is sure to entertain you!"

A typical day aboard Party Boat NJ begins as we leave the dock. Let the crew be aware if it is your first time out for blue fish. A crew member will explain and demonstrate for each new angler, how to use the rod to successfully catch that blue. He will also explain how to continually check your line to ensure better success in getting the fish on the boat. You will be shown how to bait the hook, but if you prefer, he will bait the hook for you. Listen carefully and ask him to repeat anything you are not sure of. Follow his instructions and you will successfully hook up with a blue fish and win the battle to bring it on the boat!

On the best of days, the large schools of blue fish are just outside the inlet and the action begins immediately! What a thrill when many of the anglers hook up with a fish at the same time! I love the sound of the fish when it finally hits the deck.

The blue fish travel quickly and sometimes travel far, so the captain will toot the horn, we will bring in our lines and follow the fish! This gives you a few minutes to rest and regain your strength. Then we stop, toot the horn, and the action begins all over again. The blue fish are tough and sometimes you may lose the battle, but what an experience trying. You will win some battles, also, and this is certain to leave a smile on your face for a while. It may leave you tired, but catch your breath and enjoy the ride as we follow the fish again and go for it another time.

Some of the days the blue fish are further north, south or east of the inlet. On these days, we may travel from fifteen minutes up to an hour and a half, before we arrive at the location to find the blue fish. On these days, relax and enjoy the ride. Often times we spot schools of porpoises along the way. On some occasions these porpoises swim along with the boat. On the rare occasion one or two of them may jump and dive, and put on a show. You can sit on the upper or lower deck and work on that suntan or relax in the cabin, out of the sun, while resting up for the battle with the blue fish soon to come.

On the ride home, you may relax to the tunes of our carefully selected boat music. The upper deck is a great place to catch those sun rays and enjoy the ride back to the dock.