Mahi Mahi

Properly called dolphin or dorado, the mahi-mahi is not related to the mammal called dolphin. It is one of the most beautiful fish in the sea; brilliantly colored with an iridescent bluish green and gold body, and golden yellow fins and forked tail. The average size is 3-6 pounds but they have been known to grow as large as 5 feet and reach 70 pounds. One of the fastest swimming fish in the sea. Mahi-Mahi feed offshore, near the surface on small fish, shrimp, squid and crabs. The mahi you might catch most often weigh under ten pounds.

Here is some information for those of you interested in scientific terms and additional details:

Family: Coryphaenidae

Genus and Species: Coryphaena hippurus , only one other species, the Pompano Dorado

Description:The mahi mahi is the Hawaiian name for a fish also known as the dolphin fish. In fact its spanish name dorado translates to dolphin. Despite its name it shares no relationship with the mammal known as the dolphin. Mahi mahi have an unusually short lifespan for a fish their size. The typical mahi mahi only lives 3 to 4 years. One distinguishing characteristic between males and females is the head. The male's head is more rounded while the female's head slopes down to the mouth.