Fluke can be found along the beaches, bays and tidal rivers and often fished fairly close to the shore. There are many party boats that fish for them exclusively for them, but not us. When we catch a fluke on a rental rod, it is a matter of luck, because a different type of rod/reel set up is used to catch a fluke which sits on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Some people bring their own rods, specifically used for fluke fishing and fish on the bottom for fluke after they’ve caught enough blue fish, or to take a break from the action. Relatively speaking, compared to fighting a blue fish, there is no action in fluke fishing.

Fluke can weigh up to 10 lbs but often we catch them at two pounds and less. Fluke are some of the best tasting fish in our waters.

Here is some information for those of you interested in scientific terms and additional details:

Family: Bothidae

Genus and Species: Paralichthys dentalus

Description: Also called summer flounder.