There are plenty of free parking spots available at our boat dock parking lot.

You should bring food, beverages and suntan lotion. We do not sell any food or beverages on the boat. It's optional to bring a camera, cooler, change of sandals or sneakers (we hose the deck often after fish are caught to keep the deck clean. Your feet may get wet.)

Restrooms are called the "head" on boats. There is a men's head and also a separate women's head.

Bring plenty to eat and drink as we do not serve food or beverages on the boat. Cans are preferred and beer is permitted in moderation. (A maximum of 1 six pack per person. No hard alcohol or mixed drinks are permitted on a fishing trip.)

Wear clothing appropriate for the weather on land. Occasionally it is cooler in the morning so wear layers. Wear clothes that you will not mind getting dirty.

Our experienced professional crew will demonstrate and help you.

You may keep up to 15 Blue fish or you may release them if you choose.

Yes, the crew will clean and fillet the fish for a nominal fee.

Absolutely, if you have enjoyed your trip. The crew is professional and attends to your needs. Please tip the crew based on how helpful you feel they were, not based on how many fish you catch.

We sell burlap bags for $2.00. They will easily hold your fish or you may put them in an appropriate sized cooler that you have brought.