Captain's Log

Captain Dave Riback began as a customer aboard the Queen Mary, fishing most Saturday's with his father Charles and brother Steve. In High School Dave started as third mate. Dave worked summers through college. After graduating from the University of San Diego, Dave got his captain's license in his early 20's. He started running the Queen Mary at night and bought his first charter boat the Purple Jet in 1997. Dave would give former owner John Brackett a day or two off per week for 15 years before taking over the daily operation in 2011. Dave, is the definition of the American Dream. He found a passion, started at the bottom and now owns and operates the Queen Mary. 

Captain John Brackett spent every summer of his youth at the Jersey Shore, fishing almost everyday. He started working as a mate on the Queen Mary in 1972, a year after graduating from Rider University. In 1978 he became captain of the Queen Mary party fishing boat and bought the Queen Mary from captain Harvey Brown in 1980. He owned and was Captain until 2011, when he retired and sold the boat to Capt Dave Riback. Capt JB is still at the helm of the Queen Mary at least once a week.

The Party Boat NJ crew only fishes for bluefish and stripers. With 40+ years of experience between Capt's JB & Dave targeting just these two species, they have become one of the top experts at the New Jersey shore for party boat blue fishing and party boat striped bass fishing. Along with their experienced crew, the #1 goal is to catch you fish and show you a great experience so you want to come back again.

Rest assured you will sail with a Captain who assures your safety, comfort, and utmost fun and enjoyment aboard Party Boat NJ.