Blue Marlin

Blue marlin have a cobalt blue shading on top, and a silvery white on bottom; Blue marlin are thought by many to be the most sought after of all the ocean sport fish. An incredibly strong and powerful fish, blue marlin can run hard and fast for a long period. In addition, they can dive powerfully to deeper water and can make dramatic, acrobatic jumps. With impressive endurance, it is not uncommon to see a hooked fish make more than a dozen spectacular jumps. This seemingly unending strength and endurance make it a classic test for any angler to catch on our NJ deep sea fishing trip.

Here is some information for those of you interested in scientific terms and additional details:

Family: Istiophoridae

Genus and Species: Makaira nigricans

Description: upper jaw elongated in form of spear; dorsal fin pointed at front end; pectoral fin and anal fin pointed; lateral line reticulated (interwoven like a net), difficult to see in large specimens; no dark spots on dorsal fin; body covered with embedded scales ending in one or two sharp points.